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YEAR 2005

    Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence - Puerto Madryn Declaration

    October 25
    Guidelines for applying the Precautionary Principle to biodiversity conservation and natural resource management

    October 7
    Conclusions of the workshop "Sustainable Management of the Patagonian Sea - Public and private decisors role"

    September 26
    SCO Deliberations's Final Report for the Summit of the Americas

    August 8
    Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonan Sea and Areas of Influence' s Declaration

    July 22
    Jury al Fiscal de Cámara de Neuquén Ricardo Mendaña
    Crónica de un proceso indecente

    June 17
    FARN presents itself as Amicus curiae before the National Supreme Court in the case of Esquel gold mine conflict

    June 10
    4th Call for the Adriana Schiffrin Essay Prize - 2005

    Programa de Concientización y Entrenamiento en Evaluación de Riesgos Ambientales y Sociales en los Proyectos de Préstamos e Inversión

    April 20
    Supreme Court of Justice must resolve a complaint appeal presented due to the sale of a natural reserve in Salta. Possibility of citizen participation.

    April 15
    New project on urban solid waste

    March 14
    Province of Rio Negro: It is recommended to protect the environment

    March 2
    VII International Congress on Environmental Law

    January 26
    SAyDS answers a claim on access to information

    January 25
    San Luis: it is accepted an Amicus presented by FARN

    January 25
    Solicitan información ambiental al Ministerio de Economía, a la CNRT y a la empresa ALL CENTRAL S.A. por obras en predio concesionado

YEAR 2004

December 17
Amparo por altos niveles de ruido y vibraciones producidos por ferrocarriles de la empresa TBA

December 3
Proyecto de Ley de Acceso a la Información Pública:
ONGs rechazan las modificaciones introducidas por el Senado

November 26
Meeting for the dissemination of the OECD Guidelines
for Multinational Enterprises

November 24
Buenos Aires government admits that antennas for mobile telephony are not legally authorized

November 24
Information on sanitary landfill in González Catán is being requested from the CEAMSE and the Department of Environmental Policy

October 20
The Academy of Environmental Sciences honoured Dr. Sabsay

September 30
Justice Minister received a proposal from six NGOs to reduce the number of members of the Supreme Court

September 30
Justice rejected the appeals of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the ones from AUSA, in the case "Noises in the 25 de Mayo Highway"

August 6
Justice is asked to disarm cellullar phone's antennas

August 6
Presentation of the publication of the Adriana Schiffrin Essay Prize - 2003

August 2
Supreme Court of Justice approved the intervention of the Amicus Curiae

June 23
The justice is asked to forbide the Government of Salta the sale of a protected natural area

June 18
We all can save the reserve

June 17
Minimum standards for environmental protection
reached the House of Representatives

April 21
Presentation of the book "Minimum Standards for Environmental Protection"

April 19
Proposals to improve the work of prosecutors and defenders

March 5
Report on the state of the environment in Argentina

February 27
Claudio Campagna wins prestigious marine conservation award

YEAR 2003

December 12
Network of Lawyers for Environmental Defense created

December 2
Enrique Petracchi accepts proposal to improve Supreme Court presented by six NGOs

November 4
Decision on sound pollution on 25 de MayoExpressway confirmed

October 30
Work begins on cleaning contaminated area

September 3
Clean-up of contaminated area in Constitución quarter ordered

August 11
Request for cleaning of contaminated area
Laguna Llancanelo protected by law

June 24
Transparency in procedure to select members of Supreme Court of Justice

June 6
FARN demands far-reaching reform in Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation

May 16
Contamination of Matanza-Riachuelo Basin

March 27
Verdict on noise pollution on Buenos Aires expressways handed down

YEAR 2002

November 14
Palermo-Hollywood noise in Court

November 5
City Legislature bans admission of citizens in legislative sessions

November 5
Common statement by Non-Governmental Organizations

October 15
Injunctive relief from pathogenic waste incineration in Dock Sud

October 2
Winners of Adriana Schiffrin Essay Prize

September 10
Neighborhood-based, free training workshop in Martínez

August 21
Palermo-Hollywood noise in Court

August 15
Citizens request investigation of land grants to private society

June 21
Neighborhood-based, free training workshop in Olivos

May 30
International Conference on Compliance and Enforcement of Environmental Law in Latin America ends

May 6
Neighborhood-based, free training workshop in Mar del Plata

April 24
Adriana Schiffrin Essay Prize

April 9
Municipal Autonomy and Public Participation Colloquium

March 15
Judicial hearing on noise from 25 de Mayo Expressway

February 5
Governability for sustainable development



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